Essery is a creative director + multidisciplinary maker based out of Toronto. Her focuses (currently) include filmmaking, stills-taking, and graphic + web design.

She holds a BA in Media, Information & Technoculture (Honors Specialization) from the University of Western Ontario, and a two-year diploma in Interactive Multimedia Design & Production from Fanshawe College.

Essery's work seeks to elucidate the human condition in the sway of contemporary culture. Her research interests include the politics of affect and melancholia, the aesthetics of truth, and the philosophy of technology. Normal human interests include bad jokes, board games, and free food.

In 2015, her paper "Metamodern Melancholia" was published in the FIMS' academic journal, Mediations.

In 2012,  she successfully completed Minesweeper on Expert mode.